What Is Equitable Distribution and How Will It Affect My Divorce in New Jersey?

Dividing Assets

Are you pursuing a divorce in New Jersey? If so, you might wonder what this could mean for your finances, retirement accounts, and other assets. New Jersey is what is called an “equitable distribution” state. Different states use different methods to divide assets in a divorce. But what exactly does equitable distribution mean?  Equitable distribution […]

Things to Consider When Moving to Another State After Divorce

If you are recently divorced, you may be itching for a fresh start and perhaps a location change. Before moving to a new state, consider these three things: 1. Make Sure You are Prepared Making a move to another state after divorce may feel like the most life changing things you have done in a while, […]

Top 3 Co-Parenting Apps for Divorced Parents

Co-parenting is no easy task. If only there were apps or something that could make the process simpler. You are in luck, there are! Continue reading to learn about the top three co-parenting apps. Talking Parents: Best for High-Conflict Parents This app allows users to speak with their co-parent with the use of a hidden phone […]