What’s in a Name?

After 40 weeks the baby arrives and you are presented with paperwork to complete to identify the name of the child and the father. Usually, this is not a daunting task as you have had sufficient time to discuss the name and you are both in agreement. If you are not married it is possible […]

When Do You Need a Trial to Determine College Contribution?

In the recent unpublished decision of Moore v. Terrell, (NJ Appellate Division, decided on April 29, 2024), the court again considered the issue of college contribution. Here the defendant sought to emancipated the parties’ child upon her graduation from college. In response, the plaintiff said, “Ok, but defendant needs to keep paying for the loans […]

Can a Final Restraining Order Be Vacated in New Jersey?

In a word yes.  In New Jersey, Final Restraining Orders (FRO) are considered final – like forever. The FRO will remain in effect until the plaintiff dismisses it voluntarily or the court vacates the order upon motion by the defendant. When an FRO is issued the defendant will be placed in the domestic violence registry […]

How Do New Jersey Courts Decide Alimony?

NJ Alimony

How Do New Jersey Courts Decide Alimony? Divorce is emotionally taxing. All at once you are called on to decide, seemingly immediately, the distribution of all of your assets and liabilities, in addition to considering the custody and parenting time of your children. can further escalate the stress. In New Jersey, alimony is determined by […]